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Welcome to the Lee County Democratic Party!


This is the online home of the Lee County Democratic Party.  Our headquarters is located at 711 Carthage Ave., Sanford.  We hope you'll bookmark this page and check it often!  We also hope you'll volunteer to join us or donate.  

Together, we can keep Lee County blue!

The Latest

Bills Filed by Rep. Robert Reives and Rep. Brad Salmon to Protect Landowners from Forced Pooling and Mandate Chemical Disclosures in Fracking

April 17, 2015Blog Post

On Tuesday,  Representative Robert Reives and Representative Brad Salmon filed two bills dealing with hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina – House Bills 772 and 773.  These bills address two major concerns about fracking.


House Bill 772 seeks to offer land owners across our state property protections by preventing what is commonly referred to as forced pooling – a practice  that allows the extraction of natural gas from underneath one’s property without the property owner’s consent. 

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$15 in 2015!

April 17, 2015Blog Post

We kicked off a new fundraising campaign at last week's convention, and it's off to a great start!  In 2014, we did great things, and want to do more this year.  But, we need your help!  Please click this link, and be sure to check "Make it Monthly!" to make your donation.  By donating monthly to the Democratic Party, you will multiply the impact of your vote, and help us to reach more Lee County voters with our message.  Please make your donation today!

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Precinct Meetings!

February 23, 2015Blog Post

Want to get involved?  Did you hand out sample ballots last year, participate in a phone bank, drive a voter to the polls, or help out during a fudraiser?  Do you want to do any of those things this year, but don't know how to get started?  Precinct meetings are a great way to start the year, and a necessary way of saying to the NCDP that Lee County is organized, ready, and able to meet the challenges of 2015.  

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We Vote, We Win! - Election update

October 26, 2014Blog Post

Dear Lee County Democrats,

Rep. Robert Reives started off the year by giving us an encouragement and a challenge: We vote, we win. Our party heard that call, and with your help, has worked hard to get our voters to the polls. With less than 2 weeks to go, we need your help to finish what we started!

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Dem HQ Moves to Charlotte Ave.

October 2, 2014Blog Post

Volunteers worked tirelessly last weekend to move Democratic Headquarters half a block down the street to our new location at 131 Charlotte Ave., Suite 104.  While we lost the large room where we held meetings all year, we gained vital office space useful for phone banking and other field work activities.  

The move did not affect political operations, and a phone bank on Wednesday was staffed by 10 volunteers.  We hope you'll stop by and check out our new digs; while you're there, you can pick up signs for your favorite Democratic candidates!  

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