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Pete Glidewell Files for US Congress

At noon today, the filing period closed and Pete Glidewell's fall campaign begins! Pete spoke to Democrats at our March meeting, and promised to stand for creating US jobs. We are excited to hear that Pete Glidewell is our candidate, and look forward to helping him win in November!

Check out Pete's message to supporters:

Let’s Put American Jobs First! 

At noon today the filing period closed and our fall campaign begins! It is now my honor to be your nominee for the Democratic Party for Congress from the 6th District of North Carolina! This campaign will draw a contrast of business experience, job creation ideas, leadership, fiscal responsibility and service to our country.

Our country’s future depends on a vibrant economy with a strong middle class. Their consumption fuels 68% of our economy and their tank is being drained.

We must focus on building a fair and competitive system that allows private enterprise to flourish and create great American jobs.  This will solve more problems than focusing on any other issue. President Kennedy said “We should not look to just Democratic ideas or Republicans ideas, but the right ideas.”

Mr. Walker has focused on his Oversight Committee and has gotten nothing done to push our economy forward, because he just doesn’t know how. He will even give away your district’s jobs by voting for bad free trade deals. He wants to “laser blitz” Mexicans but he has never served in the Armed Forces. We have 28% of our children in this district who go to bed hungry and he wants to cut food stamps. He doesn’t understand that we can get to a balanced budget with economic vitality rather than just cutting. He voted against a bill that would have returned $24 million to our state for teacher training. 

To get this message out, this campaign needs your support. He will outspend us but we will out message him. Contribute whatever you can at this link:


You can also mail a check to PO Box 1234, Elon, NC 27244

Let’s build America by Putting American Jobs first…join us and thank you.