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Join us on Thursday with Special Guest Matt Hughes!

Matt Hughes, 2nd Vice Chair, NCDP

Join us on March 23 as we host Matt Hughes, newly elected Second Vice Chair of the NC Democratic Party. Doors open at 6 with light refreshments, and the program starts at 6:30pm. The Lee County Democratic Part HQ is at 711 Carthage Street, in Sanford.


Here's a little more info about Matt, from his website, He's a bright light in NC Democratic politics, and, we're excited he's visiting Lee County!

Working Hard for Democrats for Over a Decade

Matt entered politics during the 2004 presidential campaign and became active with the Orange County Democrats soon after. Over time he became increasingly involved in party work, working to establish a Teen Democrats chapter, organizing his precinct, and working to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

After serving as a congressional district vice-chair, Matt became OCDP 1st vice-chair in 2011 where he oversaw communications and fundraising. Following a vacancy for chair, Matt ran for the post and was unanimously elected by the County Executive Committee in November 2011. At the time, Matt was the youngest elected Democratic Party chair in state history. Matt understands the value of a grassroots organization that works together. Matt is focused on making sure the grassroots is watered and supported, including a 50-state, 100-county strategy, as key to being successful in elections and governing.

Matt believes in contributing to life through public service and working in the community. Through collaboration and forward thinking planning, Matt has turned the Orange County Democratic Party into an organized, well run operation. Matt’s commitment to grassroots politics is evident and was recently observed by the Independent Weekly: “Party leaders have credited [Matt] Hughes with increasing voter turnout in past elections.” That commitment has led to empowering the grassroots and bringing more early voting sites online in 2012 and 2014 as well as an increasing in the hours for voters across the county.

In 2015, Matt ran for re-election for chair of the Orange County Democratic Party and won unanimously. He also serves as the President of the County Chairs Association for the North Carolina Democratic Party.


Matt Hughes has been involved in public service, Democratic politics, and progressive causes for nearly a decade. Matt was raised in Hillsborough, attended Orange County Public Schools, and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was a Carolina Covenant Scholar.

Growing up, Matt faced a number of challenges. He was a delayed speaker, but through Head Start, he was able to receive speech treatments. Communicating was a challenge for Matt, but because of Governor Hunt’s program, he learned how to verbally communicate and entered kindergarten on par with his peers.

Because of Head Start, Matt has been committed to helping our education system. That’s why he served on a School Improvement Team as well as the Raising Achievement and Closing the Gaps (RACG) Oversight Committee for Orange County Public Schools. This was his opportunity to work for positive change in the Orange County Public Schools by working with school board members, fellow members of the public, and district administration to ensure that District was meeting its obligations to all students and guaranteeing that we work ardently to reduce and eliminate the disparities we see in education outcomes.

Matt grew up with a single mom whose mother helped raise him. He learned so much from his grandmother including the importance of hard work, determination, and education. In fact, his grandmother instilled so much determination in Matt and his sister that she was the first female football player at their school. Matt’s grandmother also encouraged him to work hard each and every day no matter what the obstacle is or what people say. Because of this, Matt was the first one in his family to attend and graduate from college.

When taking a break from politics, Matt enjoys cheering on the Carolina Tar Heels. He has a black Labrador named Charlotte and they live in Hillsborough, Matt’s hometown.

Matt has worked with the following organizations and agencies:

Cedar Ridge High School Improvement Team
Raising Achievement and Closing the Gap Oversight Committee for Orange County Schools
Orange County Human Relations Commission
Orange County Democratic Party
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Office of the State Superintendent
NC Child (formerly the NC Child Advocacy Institute)
North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership
Kidscope Advisory Council
New Leaders Council of North Carolina
Equality North Carolina
Orange County Board of Adjustment
Memberships include: Chapel Hill-Carrboro Branch of the NAACP, Schley Grange, League of Women Voters (Durham-Chatham-Orange Chapter), Young Democrats of North Carolina, and the UNC General Alumni Association.